Seakat Adventure First Time in Port Blair Carybons Cove Beach

For the first time in India, the experience of sea-kart through the waves are here at Seakart Adventure, exclusively in India at Corybns Cove Beach, Port Blair, Andaman. Seakart is a unique hybrid of a Jet Ski and a Speed Boat , combining the speed and excitement of the former with the safety and comfort of the latter. Seakarts are small in size, and it can accommodate up to 03 people. It is impossible for a fall in due to its wide design which makes practically unsinkable and hence it is extremely safe and easy to drive.

The seakarts are amazing fun and only available in a few countries First is Maurice, Second one is Dubai and Third and last one is Andaman & Nicobar Island (Port Blair).  We should proud that our island should also know the people in the world.

If you want to try the ultimate fun water-sport and you enjoy traveling in speed, then this is the trip for you. The Sea Hover is yours to discover new thrilling sensations in absolute safety. Enjoy a 30 minutes ride Seakart Adventure at the popular to the World. You do not have to worry about safety because to ensure your maximum safety there will be a qualified instructor escorting you during the whole journey on our Security boat in case of emergency. Also, each Seakart is equipped with a communication system which is connected to the kill switch on board of the security boat. The qualified instructor will help you take your seat in your Seakart. After the Seakart adventure, there will be only one word WOOOOW and you will keep on talking for minutes.

There is no place for hesitation! This is a great fun sea excursion to enjoy with family or friends. This World Exclusive water-sport takes taking you to a new level of entertainment in a complete safety.

  • Before the fun starts, there will be a briefing by the qualified instructor about the sea hover and the safety regulations.
  • After the briefing you will be taken to the beach to start your 30 minute adventure.
  • The total length of activity on the water 30 minutes.
  • All days open to Seakart Adventure ride.
  • A swimsuit is a must, but you might want to wear a t-shirt or shorts as well.
  • High speed fun.
  • Life Jackets.
  • The Seakart is Easy to drive as the accelerator is on the steering wheel.
  • You have to be 16 years old or above to drive the Seakart.
  • Activity timing Morning 09:00 Am to Evening 04:15 Pm.

The Seakart adventure can also be done in family, while respecting the speed limit in some areas near the hotels during the ride. The key word of this adventurous water-sport is safety with a life jacket provided, a security boat escort and also the briefing and safety procedures explained to each participant before any ride. Price Per Person Rs 3,499/- Sea Kart was the most amazing-est water sport activity we done in Mauritius, in fact probably will be the best water sport activity well ever do. My family and I went to go Corybns Cove Beach Sunday Holiday enjoyed my family members. It is fourth to ride the concert again. A concert ride is expansive, but I really enjoy it so much, I myself have been riding the Cove Cove Beach by Nandera Modi who will host the flag on 30 December 2018 in May (Marina Park Side I have flag point) I was just tired of it, my father and staff was with me and the staff was feeling good nature and Frankly talking, The ride instructor told that the ride is done.

May also brought up the torture of rape thinking, I had a heart to ride , but we like it so much, But my family members said to try everything, if it is rate, then what is the cost of money, I spend money in a sense when we think new. Then I also agreed that it is okay how the ride of the script is done once in reality, you have dont believe the seakart ride was awesome ride the world’ best ride.

It seems that I am feeling like bird how can I tell you, I do not understand the ride I have no words if we ride free, then the happiest moment of life we enjoyed the ride after we come , and my mummy or bhaiya to this ride.

Water activities and this was our first Seakart Adventure experience, and definitely one we will do again.

But we can definitely recommend this excursion to other visitors. Would you like to know more about Fun Adventure or do you have a special request on your mind? Contact us and get answers to all your questions. If you want to go to our site and take seakart adventure then it is the best option.

Note: This activity is not recommended for pregnant women.

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