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The Mig-27, which proved to be an ace attacker during the 1999 Kargil War roared through the skies for one last time 27 December after serving the Indian Air Force for over three decades.  The swing-wind fighter has been the backbone of ground-attack flect of the Air Force for several decades and the IAF bidding adieu to its squardron of seven aircraft from Jodhpur Air Base. Veteran air warriors along with serving air warriors in large numbers are taking part in the ceremony. Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief South Western Air Command Air Marshal SK Ghotia presiding over the wind down ceremony. The Aircrafts also received water salute at Air Force Station Jodhpur.

Swing-WIng Fighter IAF Farewwll

IAF Bid Farewell to Swing - Wing Fighter

Defence Ministry said, the upgraded variant of this last swing-wing flect has been the pride of IAF strike fleet since 2006. All other variants, such as Mig-23 BN and Mig-23 MF and the pure Mig-27 have already retired from IAF. It said, the fleet earned its glory in the historic Kargil conflict when it delivered rockets and bombs with accuracy on enemy positions. The fleet also took active part in Operation Parakram.

A defining feature of the jets was its wings which would be swept depending on the speed of the jet and the profile of the mission. The IAF no longer has any swing-wing fighters with the MiG-27 being retired today. The pilots proudly call themselves !-Swing Wingers!- and have always vouched the aircraft!-s precise weapon delivery and rapid acceleration, the statement said. One of the youngest fighter squadrons, it converted to the MLs in February 1990. The lethal MiG-27 aircraft, with its range, speed and ferocity in attack has always been in perfect harmony with the !-Swift!-, who bade it farewell with full military honours. Squadron head Group Captain S L Mahajan, who after a stint in Sukhoi-30 MKI, proudly led the last ML. The Number 29 Squadron is the only unit in the IAF operating the MiG-27 upgrades. The upgraded version, because of its survivability, has participated in numerous national and international exercises.

The Ministry said, the Squadron was raised on 10 March 1958, at Air Force Station Halwara with Ouragan (Toofani) aircraft. Over the years, the Squadron has been equipped with numerous types of fighters such as MiG-21 Type 77, MiG-21 Type 96, MiG-27 ML and MiG-27 upgrade. The lethal aircraft, for their role during the 1999 Kargil War, earned the moniker ‘Bahadur’ from IAF pilots.

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