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A solar eclipse is a kind of eclipse when the moon passes between the earth and the sun and when viewed from the earth, the sun is completely or partially covered by the moon. In terms of physics, when the moon comes between the Sun and the Earth, the image of the Sun behind the Moon gets covered for some time, the same phenomenon is called Solar Eclipse. The Earth revolves around the Sun and the Moon revolves around the Earth. Sometimes the moon comes between the sun and the earth. Then he stops some or all of the sunlight, which spreads the shadow over the earth. This phenomenon is called solar eclipse. This event always happens on the new moon day.

Surya Grahan Port Blair

Surya Grahan in Port Blair

Often the moon covers only a part of the sun. This situation is called khand-eclipse. Sometimes it happens that the moon completely covers the sun. This is called complete eclipse. The complete eclipse can be seen only in a very small area of the earth. At most two hundred and fifty (250) kilometers of contact. Outside this region only the eclipse is visible. At the time of complete eclipse, it takes two hours for the moon to pass through the sun. The moon covers the sun completely, at most, for seven minutes. The sky darkens for a few moments, or rather it turns night into day.

For the solar eclipse, the following conditions must be met are:

  1. There should be a new moon.
  2. The longitude of the moon must be near Rahu or Ketu.
  3. The latitude of the moon should be near zero.

Our sages have forbidden food at the time of solar eclipse, because they believed that germs spread with abundance at the time of eclipse. Microorganisms collect in food items, water etc. and contaminate it.

An annular solar eclipse of the Sun occurred today which passed through Southern part of Indian i.e. Karnataka, Kerala & Tamil Nadu. The partial phase of eclipse was visible at Port Blair. The eclipse dated 26 December 2019 began at 08:27 Am & 12:02 Pm (IST). The greatest phase of the eclipse was at 10:07 Am (IST). The eclipse which occurred in the year 20th June 1955 had the maximum magnitude (100%) at Port Blair. The Science Center located at Goodwill Estate made special arrangements for students & general public to view the eclipse safely from 09:00 AM to till the end of the eclipse, a large number of schools students and general wintnessed the event through projected image of the Sun on screen using telescope.

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