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Chatterbox WordPress Plugin Use Blocks Show Conversations Styles

Chatterbox may be a new plugin with a fun and artistic use for the block editor. Chatterbox allows display of chats with messages and timestamps in inbound and outbound styles. full customize, displays chat or text, image using blocks that are styled as conversations. All users can type same time and record of a talk include feature WordPress plugin, including timestamps, with a live preview within the editor.

The Chatterbox block are often found under Layout Elements within the block inserted. Written conversations are essentially little blocks of text and media, the block editor lends itself nicely to composing and displaying this sort of content. It includes the choice to pick a method (Inbound, Outbound, or Event) and add a timestamp.

WordPress developer name Dave Ryan at Bluehost, said he created the plugin so as to check Gutenberg’s Block Context API and the chat component from Salesforce’s Lightning Design System. He suggested that Chatterbox might be useful for showing demos of chat bots, publishing chat records in news stories, or just adding an enticing visual display to conversations.

Once the Block Context API matures, message sender with name and avatar, plans to feature message background and text colors, and therefore the ability to override the message sender on a per-message basis for group chats, road-map include the following:

  • Automated animated sequences, using character lengths for timing
  • Automate hiding of message meta supported adjacent blocks
  • Implement Bookends and other SFDS Chat options
  • Animated chat sequences
  • Message Images
  • Message Files

Ryan said a number of the planned features will believe new features within the Gutenberg project. Once those are released he will update Chatterbox to incorporate more customization options.

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