WooCommerce echo address pin-code/ City zip from Login User

WooCommerce has a shipping address, that Customers fill shipping address form and saves on the database automatic, including postcode (zip code), city, and more. In this post, we share short-codes for woo-commerce, validate built-in which is used to find appropriate shipping methods on the checkout. How woocommerce … Read more →

Create on Scroll Show Hide Sticky Menu in WordPress

You may have seen many modern websites and premium WordPress themes make the header fixed show/hide when you scroll up/down. Its look beautiful navigation menus are displayed on top. This feature is very useful for a website and more so for a long post or page, A … Read more →

How to Remove WordPress Robots Meta Tag noindex, nofollow

Having trouble getting your WordPress website crawled or indexed in search? You recently install WordPress setup manually into your online hosting service. When you log in to Google Search Console and request indexing are you being met with all sorts of error messages about noindex / nofollow meta tags. … Read more →