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The Andaman Wild Pig is one of the largest and most ferocious mammals found on the Isles. The Andaman Wild Pig is an endemic species, with a more pronounced snout and a shorter tail than others of its ilk, and moves in the jungles in packs, living of roots, tubers, carrion and insect larvae, and is food for the tribal. The wild pig live in Andaman at Biological Park, among those species are wild boars, warthogs and pygmy hogs and domestic pigs. Pig, hog and boar essentially describe the same animal, but there are some distinctions. A boar is an uncastrated male domestic pig, but it also means a wild pig of any gender, pigs are also called swine.

The tropical rain forests of Andaman islands are under threat – not from. The islands have no native herbivores except for wild pig. The Andaman & Nicobar Islands are a group of 572 large and small islands & islets. The Indian Wild Boar has a wide distribution through India, Nepal and Sri Lanka. A sub species is found in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, the Andaman Wild pig (Sus scrofa andamanensis). The species enjoys a much wider range stretching across Europe and Asia. 

The tail is also more tufted, and the cheeks hairier. Adults measure from 83.82 to 91.44 cm (33.00 to 36.00 in) in shoulder height (with one specimen in Bengal having reached 38 inches) and five feet in body length. Weight ranges from 90.72 to 136.08 kg (200.0 to 300.0 lb). Its head to lower body, larger, more sharply featured and straighter skull, its smaller, sharper ears and overall lighter build.

Note: In the Ramayana and the Puranas, the same boar (Varaha) is portrayed as an avatar of Vishnu.


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